About me

About me

My interest in martial arts came from watching movies on VHS tapes with Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. I was 8 at the time. Soon after, the cult movie “Shaolin Monastery” was released in cinemas and my uncle, who liked movies about Kung-Fu very much, found out from his father that I also liked such movies. As soon as he had some news from the market, he tipped my father and we went to visit. These were classic movies filled with scenes of fighting in a beautiful Chinese setting. At that time, I knew that I wanted to train martial arts and, in general, this subject absorbed me. However, before regular trainings came, I fought with my peers, imagining that I was one of the masters seen in the movies …

Training and competition experience

I was born in 1976. I am a trainer of the first class of Chinese Wushu sport and a Muay Thai Sports Instructor. I have over 30 years of training experience in various formulas and fighting styles, including Wushu, Sanda, Muay Thai, Kung-Fu, Wrestling, Boxing, K-1 as well as Submission Fighting. I started my adventure, which with time became a passion and a way of life, at the age of 11 with Judo. In the years 1993-2004 I trained traditional Kung-Fu. After leaving the Pak Hok Kung-Fu section, I founded the Warsaw Sanshou Leitai School, which gave me the opportunity to further develop as a Sanda player and coach at the same time. In the same year I started Thai boxing training. In the years 1998-2013 I participated in championship competitions in Poland and abroad in Wushu Sanda / Sanshou fights. I am a multiple champion and medalist of the Polish Wushu Championships. As a member of the Polish national team and the Polish Wushu Association in 2005-2010, I had the honor of representing the country several times at the World and European Championships and international tournaments. I fought professional fights, among others at Only 1, Kings of Sanda and galas organized by PZ Wushu. At the end of my professional career, in 2013-2015, I won the Polish Wushu Cup twice in the Qingda free fight competition. In 2006. I passed the exam for the master’s degree 1 Duan before the examination board of the Polish Wushu Association. I am currently awaiting the award of the second master’s degree.

I started my adventure with Thai boxing in 2004 in K.S. Serafin, whose founder and trainer is the first Polish Muay Thai World Champion in 2003, Maciej Skupiński. Being strongly oriented in the theory of martial arts and sports, I knew about the effectiveness and nobility of Muay Thai, which is why from the very beginning I was captivated and fascinated by this discipline. I decided to explore the aspects of Thai boxing by strongly engaging in training. Since I was already a Sanda fighter and I was called up to the Wushu National Team, and my goal was the upcoming World Championships, I decided to compete at the highest level in this formula, while continuing to train and learn Muay Thai. I was constantly gathering training experience until 2010, incl. in K.S. Seraph. I took part in seminars, first step tournaments, numerous intra-club sparring fights and in open inter-club sparring. While training Thai boxing on my own, I watched and analyzed MT fights from the most important Thai boxing stadiums in the world: Radjadamnern and Lumpinee in Bangkok. In 2018, I returned to regular training with coach Maciej Skupiński. The result of many years of training process and involvement in Thai boxing trainings was the trainer sending me to the Muay Thai Sports Instructor course in 2019.

O mnie - Dośw. treningowe i zawodnicze.
O mnie - Dośw. trenerskie.
Coaching experience

I have been working as a trainer since 2004. Since 2013, I have been a coach of the Polish Wushu team and national team in the Sanda free fight competitions – full contact and Qingda – light contact. I have been a Muay Thai Sports Instructor since 2019. I completed my first professional course (Wushu Sports Instructor) in 2003. I prepare players for the World and European Wushu Championships, the European Kung-Fu Wushu Championships and international tournaments. The players of the Polish Wushu Sanda / Qingda team, whom I had the honor to lead, regularly win medals and win at the European Championship.
I work with players who fight professionally. I conduct personal training in the field of martial arts for people of various levels of advancement. I am characterized by, among others involvement in the training process, paying attention to details and correctness of the exercises performed. Good contact with the pupils and a friendly atmosphere help the participants to acquire knowledge more easily and overcome the barriers and hardships of each training unit. The analytical approach allows me to quickly detect and eliminate the mistakes of my students. In my training work, I use my many years of experience and theoretical knowledge enriched by continuous training and developing the passion that has been training sports and martial arts for over 30 years.