Integration trips

During weekend integration trips, companies try to provide employees with plenty of attractions by trying to outdo each other in ideas: quad bikes, paintball, billiards, bowling, disco are just some of them. Or maybe try something new instead of well-known and common entertainment?
Martial arts training (TRAININGS) during an integration trip, self-defense training (Self Defense Sanda), outdoor training in the open air or / and gym classes under the supervision of a trainer will certainly make your stay more attractive, add a bit of adrenaline and have a positive effect on the health and well-being of participants . Muscle pain is definitely more pleasant than a headache. Workouts are dedicated to both women and men. There is a possibility of coeducational or gender-specific training.

For companies
Oferta - Dla firm.

Does your company offer Benefit System Multisport, Fit Profit or other cards to your employees? There is a gym or fitness club in the building? Go a step further! The offer of a personal trainer for employees of your company will increase the attractiveness on the labor market and ensure greater effectiveness of the activities of the employed people. It has been known for a long time that “a healthy mind is in a healthy body”. Regular, even short (30-5 minutes) training has a positive effect on health and well-being. The morning physical start-up will effectively stimulate the body to work, better than the strongest espresso!

After work training

After a hard day when it seems you have had enough of everything, training will reduce the tension and stress associated with your work responsibilities. The processes occur during and after physical exertion will charge the employee with positive energy and increase its supply for the next day

Group training

Intended for people with different levels of advancement, group TRAININGS, unlike personal training, are characterized by a large variety and the possibility of changing between the participants. This guarantees quick progress in learning and diversifies each training unit. Exercises using the body weight of the training partner, task sparring and controlled sparring fights have a positive effect on the development of attack and defense skills. They adapt to various opponents that we may encounter in sports competitions or in the necessity of self-defense.
You can gather a few colleagues and create your training group in your friends. This will exclude the first barriers and resistance to starting training in an unfamiliar environment, which is often the reason for giving up classes. Together, name your unique group and get started today!
* Minors who want to set up such a group and start classes MUST provide permission from the parents / guardians expressing consent to the training.

Treningi grupowe
Oferta - Treningi indywidualne
Individual training

They gained great popularity due to the hundred percent devotion of the trainer to the client. A personal trainer will also support you with words, motivate you to act and listen. It will adjust training loads and exercises to your abilities. There is also a duo training option. If you have someone you would like to train with, spend time with a girl or boy, 2 + 1 training is just for you.
If you cannot decide on a specific combat sport, maybe the FIGHT & FIT option will be appropriate? You can find all types of training HERE

Parent-child training

Dear parents / guardians and your children are intended for you. I have two children myself and I know how difficult it is sometimes to choose a type of physical activity (especially for a teenage daughter) that will ensure, apart from spending time together, benefits for both parties. Such an unusual form of activity will bring a lot of good to your relationship. The child will deepen their trust towards the parent, and the parent will learn many new and interesting things about their child
Trainings in the form of healthy sports competition will teach the principles of fair-play, respect for others, which smoothly translates into everyday life. In addition, learning martial arts from scratch and various forms of exercise such as armwrestling, all-fours races, learning to roll and fall, squats with a child on your shoulders and others will provide a lot of fun and will allow you to break your own barriers. Trainings last 50 minutes – 60 minutes depending on the age of the child. I invite you with children from 6 years of age.

Oferta - Współpraca z zawodnikami
Cooperation with players

Preparations for amateur and professional fights divided into mesocycles, macrocycles, microcycles and BPS include:
– technical preparation – speed preparation – strength-speed and speed preparation – analysis of the opponent and tactical preparation for the fight – mental care, direct preparation for the fight (BPW) – leading players during fights and competitions, the so-called work in the corner – mental preparation of the players, incl. training and starting visualization.

Fighters Manager:

Joanna Frączek

Phone: +48 604 455 355


Training for uniformed services

Dedicated to special formations, soldiers of the Polish Army, police (including AT), city guards, property security employees.
Contact with an enemy on the battlefield, a criminal, or an attacker requires certain melee skills. A short and effective exchange in a stand-up, overpowering and bringing you to the ground floor where the next step may be handcuffing.
Training sessions are a combination of MIXED FIGHTING / MMA with SELF DEFENSE SANDA (SDS). Individual trainings / classes can take place both on the mat (without shoes) and outside in tactical shoes, depending on the client’s order. We train in open gloves (MMA) and without gloves.

Trainer giving training to military soldiers